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Manual Teams Webinar

30 June 2021

With Teams Webinar it is possible to organize an online event with one or more presenters. Webinar resembles a regular Teams meeting in many ways but has a number of extra functionalities and possibilities;

  • Participants have to register via a registration page, (Who has registered can be viewed by the organizer via an Excel document);
  • Up to 1000 participants can participate interactively in the webinar (with camera, microphone and chat) and up to 10000 participants can only watch and listen;
  • The organizer and presenter have the ability to manage webcam and microphone of all participants;
  • You can view afterwards who has participated via an Excel document.

Organizing a webinar in MS Teams consists of a number of elements that are also discussed in the manual: 

  • Schedule a Webinar (for organizers)
  • Registration of participants (for participants)
  • Presets and options (for organizers)
  • Presenting the webinar (for organizers and presenters and participants)

Read the manual Teams Webinar

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