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Restrictions eased from 26 June and preparations for the new academic year

22 June 2021

The Dutch government announced on 18 June that it will be further easing its Covid restrictions as of 26 June. This will give our students and staff more opportunities to work, study and meet up on campus. However, the 1.5m social distancing rule will still apply on campus, and it will also apply to people who have already been vaccinated. The Campus Protocol will also remain in force: stay at home if you have symptoms, always do the Corona Check before coming to the campus and follow the basic rules. We are preparing to provide (all) our teaching on campus from the start of the new academic year, so without any restrictions.

More on the following topics in the Coronavirus update:

  • Working at the office and the 1.5 m. social distancing rule 
  • The start of the new academic year and education on campus
  • Orations and promotions
  • Organizing activities and events
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