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Update Friday 4 June 2021: Summer & start of new academic year 2021-2022

4 June 2021

Most teaching has been completed, the exam period has started, the course schedules for academic year 2021-2022 are almost ready and summer is just around the corner. This academic year has again been a challenge for us all, when time was also made for research and support services were always on hand. We hope that you are all still in good health after all these efforts.

We are pleased to inform you about the latest developments. The current situation in the Netherlands remains guiding in relation to all information provided.

Doors open September 2021

More national measures are scheduled to be eased this week. For education, too, there is now a clear scenario for the start of the new academic year. We will go back to our campus and the most important points are:

  • Teaching (incl. exams) will be done again on location, on campus, provided this can be done safely;
  • Course schedules will be set up as they were before the pandemic, in consultation of course with all course coordinators. All schedules will be ready by mid-June;
  • The 1.5 metre rule will no longer be necessary in the buildings:
  • For the time being, however, there is a maximum capacity for lectures of 75 students (this measure may be abandoned later);
  • The current situation in the Netherlands remains guiding in relation to all information provided.

Students will all be invited to come to Leiden and/or The Hague in September. For students who are unable to come to the faculty due to travel restrictions or because they have coronavirus or have symptoms, hybrid teaching will be offered or via recordings.

Work until September 2021

In principle, all staff must remain working at home until September, unless you are teaching at the faculty or have to come for research/administrative tasks. We do however recommend that you come to the faculty at some point before summer to switch on your computer and install any necessary updates. But also just to drop in for a cup of tea or coffee. Access can be arranged via your supervisor who can submit an application via gebouwtoegang@LAW.leidenuniv.nl.

You are allowed to come to the University to join your internal team (so without guests from outside the university) for training and development, for example. This is on the understanding that you do not have any symptoms and that you will follow the rules as listed in our campusprotocol. The maximum capacity of a room can be found on the door. This must also be done following consultation with your superior.

Some changes we might want to keep. Information about working from September 2021 onwards will be provided by your supervisor as soon as the University policy has been finalised. You also make agreements about this within your unit.

Travel policy

Business trips abroad are allowed under certain conditions. Are you travelling to an orange or red zone for work? In that case, the application must be supported by the Faculty Board. You also need prior permission from the Executive Board and additional conditions (i.e. risk analysis and/or safety training) are set. For business trips to countries in a yellow zone, please apply for permission from the Faculty Board. The faculty contact for requests for necessary business trips is Simone van Diest.

More detailed information is available on the website.


As a result of the measures being eased, there are new possibilities for events. Graduation ceremonies, the introduction weeks for bachelor’s and master’s students and the opening of the faculty year will be organised according to these limits:

  • Diploma awards and graduation ceremonies are related to education and the room capacity will determine the number of participants;
  • The café and restaurants can have a maximum of 50 persons (room capacity determines the number). The Faculty Club will be open from 7 June and you are allowed to sit in the faculty cafés.

Get fit for summer

The USC will be fully open from Saturday 5 June, and all group lessons will start again.

The extension of the maximum group size to 50 persons means you can once again safely take a class in yoga, Zumba, modern dance, club power, gladiator, jumping or boxing (and more).

Stay informed

The university always follows the most recent coronavirus rules in relation to our teaching and research. The most recent update is available on https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/dossiers/coronavirus/updates.

Summer break & holidays

We recommend that you really rest in the summer period and also take two or three weeks off to be able to start the new academic year with energy. A summer closing is planned for the beginning of July. More information will follow in the faculty newsletter.

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