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We will be returning to campus in September 2021!

9 June 2021

Most of the teaching has been completed, the exams have started, the timetable for the 2021-2022 academic year is almost ready and summer is in sight. What an intense college year we have all had, where time was also made for research and support was always ready. We hope everyone is still in good health after all these efforts.

Principles of education first semester 2021-2022 do justice to:

a) The desire of students and faculty to meet again on campus and receive and deliver optimal education;

b) The workload among faculty members who have had a tropical year;

c) The study progress of students who cannot be present on campus for coronary reasons;

d) Campus safety and compliance with Corona protocols;

e) The workload of all support staff which has also been particularly high.

Base Case

1. Teaching (including testing) is again provided on site. We therefore invite all students to come to The Hague in September.

2. We will reschedule as before the corona period, of course in consultation with those involved in the various subjects. The timetables will be ready in mid-June.

3. The 1.5-meter rule in the buildings is no longer necessary;

4. However, for the time being there is a maximum capacity for larger halls (lectures) of 75 students. We are not in favor of these measures because we lack a clear rationale. This measure may be abandoned later.

5. Students no longer have the choice between education online and/or education on campus (because of the duplication of work for lecturers). On campus education will therefore become the norm again.

For students who cannot come on campus

- Students who cannot come because of travel restrictions or corona complaints will follow the education hybrid or via recordings (second best). For this, they must register via a tool in Brightspace. Online or hybrid education is thus limited to this group only. There will be a manual for instructors to add a sign-in list to the Brightspace course;

- Additional support will be provided from our Future Learning Office, ICLON, CfI and UFB for, among other things, fixed cameras for weblectures, equipment for hybrid education, pilots with hybrid education spaces (Learning Anywhere), trained student assistants e.g. as moderators in hybrid education.

Staying up to date

In everything, we remain dependent on the current corona situation. For the university, the current corona rules always guide the interpretation of teaching. The most recent update can be found here.

Summer closing & vacations

We recommend that you rest this coming summer and also take a vacation in order to start the new college year with energy. A summer closing is planned for early July. Further information will follow through the FGGA Newsletter and your supervisor.

On behalf of the Faculty Board, Koen Caminada

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