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Who will represent us in the Faculty Council?

1 June 2021

The results of the University Elections 2021 are published. There are a number of familiar faces in the ranks, but especially many new ones.

Staff section Faculty Council 2021-2023

  • Coen van Hasselt (LACDR/LIC)
  • Sylvestre Bonnet (LACDR/LIC)
  • Sander van Kasteren (LACDR/LIC)
  • Linda Holtman (LACDR/LIC)\
  • Anthony Brown (Harde Bèta’s)
  • Martina Huber (Harde Bèta’s)
  • Michelle Spierings (Harde Bèta’s)

Student section Faculty Council 2021-2022

Jenny Lam LVS
Kamand Hajighapour LVS
Jesse Bosman LSP
Rebecca Ultee LSP
Pepijn Smals PBMS
Victor van der Horst PBMS
Tijn Jacobs ONS


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