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Working on location & start of new academic year 2021-2022

24 June 2021

Further relaxation of the Covid-19 measures will take effect on Saturday 26 June. This is great news! These relaxations will give us more opportunities to work and meet each other on campus.  However, we would like to inform you about the current guidelines for opening the university.

The campus protocol also remains in place. Stay at home in case of complaints, always do a Covid-19 check before you come to campus and continue to observe the basic rules.

Working on location for 50% in the summer

  • We are allowed to work at our workplace again. Nevertheless, the one and a half metre distance rule remains in force in our buildings. This means that not everyone can come to work at the same time: take note of the maximum capacity per room (the numbers are on the door).
  • It is no longer necessary to request access via gebouwtoegang@LAW.leidenuniv.nl, but instead coordinate working on site among yourselves and in close communication with your head of department. Only if too many people come to work at the same time, will we reintroduce the  request access system.
  • The measures for staying safe in the buildings, such as walking routes, the rules applying to the use of the elevators, and priority rules at the stairs also remain in force.
  • The requirement to wear a face mask in our buildings will cease to apply on 26 June. Anyone who wishes to do so may, of course, continue to wear a face mask.
  • You are allowed to come to the University to join your internal team (so without guests from outside the university), for example, for training and development purposes.
  • The University's catering facilities will partially reopen. The restaurants will remain closed during the summer months (regular closure), but the caf├ęs will be open. Taking into account the one and a half metre distance, you can also enjoy your food inside.
  • Any confidential (personal) information that you have acquired at home in hard copy over the past period of working  from home must be securely stored at work or destroyed (at home or at your work place).
  • For students, it will remain necessary to reserve a study place via the SharedDesk reservation system.

TIP: Come to your location in the summer to update your computer so you can get started faster in the new academic year.

Working on location from September 2021

Some changes we do want to keep. You will receive information about working from September 2021 through your manager as soon as the university policy becomes available.

Education on campus in September 2021

We are preparing for (full) on-campus teaching as of the new academic year without restrictions. This is very good news for our teaching staff  and students. It means that we assume that all education will take place on campus so that students and staff can meet each other  in real life again. The timetables for this are being made now and will be made available soon.

In week 27, teaching staff will receive the faculty handout 'Principles of education 1st semester 2021-2022' with detailed information.

For students who unexpectedly find themselves in quarantine or who cannot (yet) participate in on-campus education due to (in)travel restrictions, we will organise hybrid alternatives.

On 13 August, the government  will take a final decision on the start of education in September.

Stay informed

The university always follows the most recent coronavirus rules in relation to our teaching and research. The most recent update is available on https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/dossiers/coronavirus/updates.

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