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Brightspace courses available for students from 15 August 2021

4 August 2021

The academic year will begin on 7 September 2021. Several Instructors have started arranging the online learning environment; the courses set during semester 1 are already available on Brightspace

From 15 August 2021, Brightspace courses will by default be accessible to students. If you would like to make your course available on another day, adjust the 'Start Date' of your Brightspace course.
The 'Start Date' can be adjusted through: Course Tools > Course Admin > Course Offering Information > Start Date. For more details on changing a courses visibility, see this article.

Perhaps, you only want specific parts of your Brightspace course not visible to students, then you can set these to 'Hidden'. Click on the relevant 'Content' Unit or (sub-)Module, and you will see a switch button in the top left of the preview that allows you change parts of your course to either 'Visible' or ‘Hidden’ for students. More information on how to change visibility is available in this article.

If you have other questions related to Brightspace and the accessibility of your course, feel free to contact the Future Learning Office (FLO@fgga.leidenuniv.nl).

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