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Students can report their absence in the Brightspace Planning Tool

6 August 2021

We intend to hold as many lectures as possible on campus in the new academic year. However, some students will not be able to attend lectures in person, such as at-risk students, students who are in quarantine and students who face barriers to entering the country. Students who cannot attend seminars, practicals or lectures because of coronavirus restrictions can use the Brightspace Planning Tool to report their absence. Once the restrictions are lifted, they can then use the same tool to report their attendance. Students will be informed about this through the student website and the newsletter.

Making the tool available to students

The homepage of your Brightspace course environment has both a sign-on and a sign-off tool, and both are available in English and Dutch. You can use these tools for small-scale sessions, such as seminars. Their default setting is ‘invisible’; you can make them visible to your students manually when you need to. (Please see the manual for more information).

The planning tool

The tool lets teachers know how many students will be physically present on campus. This helps you plan your teaching, whether that be physical, hybrid or remote, so we can avoid duplicating education wherever possible.

This tool:

  • means we can create a secure environment on campus, so that as many students as possible can receive face-to-face education;
  • gives teachers a quick, clear overview of how many students cannot come to campus because of the coronavirus restrictions;
  • helps us avoid duplicating education wherever possible. Alternative online education is only available to students who cannot be physically present because of coronavirus restrictions.

For more information about the tool, please see the manual or visit Enabling students to sign off for on-campus attendance.

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