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Make a secure connection to the university network with the new version of eduVPN

1 July 2021

Until now, EduVPN was only suitable for secure internet access over public (wifi) connections. Institute access was recently added to the existing eduVPN service. This enables you to work at home with eduVPN as if you were at the university and gives you direct access to the files on your P-drive and J-drive. EduVPN also gives you access to services such as SAP Self Service and Bloomreach and is more secure because you log in with your ULCN account and additional authentication (MFA). The helpdesk portal explains how to get eduVPN up and running on various devices. 

Installing eduVPN

If you are a staff member with a managed Windows computer, you can install the eduVPN app through the Software Center; you access this through a special temporary VPN connection. For Macs and other devices, download eduVPN from the app store.
Once you’ve installed eduVPN, you’ll be able to use it for all your software updates and to install additional programs. 

Update your software

Tip: prepare for your return to campus: use eduVPN this summer to update your software!

All instructions for installing eduVPN Insitute access can be found in helpdesk portal knowledge item 1330.

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