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Activating your LU-card online

10 August 2021

Your LU-Card gives you access to particular buildings and car parks and to the University Library, and you can use it to print and make copies. If you’re going to be visiting the university soon (perhaps for the first time), it’s important that your LU-Card has been activated. You can do this easily online. To activate your LU-Card online, simply follow the step-by-step instructions. 

If online activation is not an option for you, you can visit one of the LU-Card Helpdesks.

Check the status of your LU-Card

If you are not sure whether your LU-Card has been activated, you can check the status in Account Services. Log in using your UCLN credentials. On your profile page, the LU-Card tab shows the status of your card. If the status is valid, the activation is complete.

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