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Coronavirus update: restrictions eased; new Campus Protocol

30 August 2021

As of Monday 30 August 2021, Leiden University is easing the restrictions, as announced by the government on 13 August 2021. We are pleased to be gradually returning to normal, but want our research and work to be carried out in a safe and responsible way. We have therefore incorporated the eased restrictions in our new Campus Protocol. Read the protocol before coming to the campus.

The key points from the new protocol are:

  • As of 30 August 2021, you must once again wear a face mask if you are moving around the University buildings. You may remove the face mask once you are sitting at your work or study space. 
  • As a preventive measure, we are asking our students and staff to take a self-test twice a week or at least on the days when you come to the University. Students and staff at our university can order free self-tests from Zelftestonderwijs.nl.
  • Do the Corona Check before you come to the University. If you have cold symptoms, stay at home and get tested.
  • If you test positive for coronavirus, please notify us. Students should inform their study adviser and staff members their manager. 
  • One-and-a-half-metre distancing is no longer compulsory in our buildings, in neither our offices nor our teaching rooms. However, it is advisable to keep some distance from others wherever possible.
  • It is important to make sure there is plenty of fresh air in our buildings. All teaching rooms at the University can be ventilated according to the requirements of the RIVM and the Buildings Decree. This is nearly always centrally regulated via mechanical ventilation systems that are switched on in the morning. Some workspaces and meeting rooms, in older buildings in particular, do not have mechanical ventilation systems. This makes it important to open the windows.
  • Leave the building as soon as your lecture, tutorial or practical has ended, in order to make room for other students.
  • If you have been to the University and test positive for Covid shortly afterwards, please inform the people you were in contact with as soon as possible (including fellow students and colleagues), so they can take the necessary measures.

Test in the weekend
Alongside self-tests, we advise our students and staff to also get a PCR test with the Municipal Health Service (GGD) in the weekend. You can do so even if you do not have any symptoms. PCR tests are more reliable than self-tests. To make an appointment, go to www.coronatest.nl.

Returning from abroad
The University follows the government’s quarantine rules; you must quarantine if you have returned from a high-risk area. See https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/self-quarantine.

We encourage everyone to get the Covid vaccine. The GGD is also offering a walk-in vaccination service for your first vaccination. Students and staff in Leiden can do so via GGD Hollands-Midden and students and staff in The Hague via GGD Haaglanden.

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