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Name the new Leiden archaeological field unit and win!

29 September 2021

Naming the unit

The field unit is looking for a suitable name. If you have a good idea, please send it to redactie@arch.leidenuniv.nl before November 1! The best name will be chosen by a jury and the winner will receive a prize!

More about the as of yet nameless field unit

Since May 1 2021, the Faculty of Archaeology hosts its own unit for education and research on fieldwork in archaeology and heritage studies. The staff members that are part of this unit will organise the practical education of our students, both in field archaeology, as well as in heritage management, applied archaeology, and professional skills. The field unit is meant to provide a better service to our students in organising fieldschools as well as improve connections with the archaeological job market.

With the field unit, the Faculty of Archaeology will also contribute to the methodological and technological innovation of field archaeology, landscape archaeology and heritage management. It will function as a laboratory for students and scholars who want to develop expertise in applied archaeology and utilize their knowledge and experience worldwide. The unit has a keen interest in the social and cultural context of fieldwork and heritage management.

Organisation-wise, the field unit will be positioned under the Department of Archaeological Heritage and Society. This means that some staff members will move from the Department of World Archaeology to Heritage and Society.

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