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Pieter de la Court Building: ventilation + face-to-face teaching

1 September 2021

In addition to the Corona update of 30 August 2021, specific information for lectureres in the Pieter de la Court Building.


The Lecture Halls are ventilated via mechanical and/or natural ventilation.

  • Mechanical ventilation
    A continuously running ventilation motor extracts contaminated air through air ducts in the Lecture Halls. Fresh air is supplied through ventilation grilles. N.B. This happens automatically, so no action is required from you.

  • Natural ventilation
    Is the (temporary) renewal of air in large quantities. Contaminated or warm air is quickly removed by opening windows and doors opposite to each other.
    N.B. The UFB opens the windows in the morning and closes them in the evening.

Face-to-face teaching

As a lecturer you are responsible for the arrangement of your meetings and can communicate rules for the Lecture Hall to your students. For example:

  •  keeping 1,5 m. distance to you,
  • opening windows and
  • requesting your students to keep their mouths covered (when moving around the hall). 

Cough screens, for your desk, can be collected from the Servicedesk.

Not-scheduled Lecture Halls

Lecture Halls 3.B06 and 3.B08 cannot be ventilated properly. These will not scheduled for teaching.

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