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How to prevent data breaches: 3 tips

29 September 2021

It can happen to any one of us. You click on a link, fill in your details and before you know it: a data breach. Here are three tips on how to prevent data breaches:

  1. Use strong passwords and passphrases. It is more important for a password to be long than to contain lots of different characters. The password rikfietstnaarwerk is harder to crack than USIS!?
  2. Put your laptop or pc on ‘lock’ when you walk away from it.
  3. Alongside digital security think about physical security, such as an alarm system and locking doors and closing windows.

Reporting a data breach

If, despite this, you are faced with a potential data breach, rest assured it can happen to all of us. It is important that you report this, so call the ISSC Helpdesk as soon as possible at 071 527 8888.

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