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New call opens for PhD Graduations in the Humanities

30 September 2021

The Faculty of Archaeology will participate in the PhD in the Humanities grant programme 2022. The official call will be published by NWO in December.

The 2021 NWO PhD in Humanities information is helpful, procedures will most probably not be altered. However, make sure to check the guidelines as soon as the call 2022 is online.

Procedure and deadlines

Only proposals that are selected by the Faculty Boards of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Archaeology are allowed to submit at NWO.  Therefore all proposals will be assessed in two selection rounds at Leiden University: one at the Faculty of Archaeology, and one by an Archaeology/Humanities committee. 

The Faculty will support only 1 PhD application, so competition is fierce. Archaeology is allowed to submit a maximum of three proposals to the next selection round by the Humanities/Archaeology Committee 

  1. Internal pre-selection Faculty of Archaeology December 2021: the Research Committee assesses and ranks the proposals on behalf of the Board. 
    • Max. 1 proposal per 'daily supervisor' (i.e. not per promotor) can be submitted to the Research Committee: a promotor who is involved in two proposals and co-operating with two different 'daily supervisors' is allowed to send in both proposals.  
    • The Research Committee will determine the ‘top three’. 
  2. January / February 2022: 

The Evaluation Committee  consisting of Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Archaeology staff will determine the ‘top five’ from the pre-selected Archaeology and Humanities proposals.  

 Deadline submission of proposals for the first pre-selection round by the Faculty of Archaeology Research Committee: November 29, 2021: 11.59 a.m.

Submit your proposal to r.manning@arch.leidenuniv.nl. The Research Committee will assess only proposals that are conform the NWO- guidelines. Applications should consist of:

  • a full proposal in NWO-format and CV in English (filling in the budget, is not yet needed). Note that there is a NWO-format for the CV as well.
  • email (Dutch or English) of promotor declaring willingness for candidate & project.

Also see the assessment criteria.

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