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New version of Parameters Model for the Definition and Division of Tasks for Scientific Staff

24 September 2021

The main changes of the new version are:

  • From now on, all DVS are subject to exactly the same division of time across administration, education and research (i.e. the maximum variant in the current allocation model).
  • For Vice-Deans who carry the Education Portfolio, the division is equivalent to that of the DVs. The established division in the parameter model for the Vice-Dean, Research Portfolio, remains unchanged.
  • The ratios for the Chair and the members of the Examination Board, OLC and FR are upgraded 
  • A correction will be made when a member of staff is awarded a research project of a substantial size. 

    In these cases, the model is adapted as follows:
    • Assistant Professor: 45% education / 55% research/0% management & committee work
    • Associate Professor: 50% education / 50% research/0% management & committee work
    • Professor: 45% education / 45% research/10% management & committee work

Also see the full document.

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