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Update Coronavirus: Campus protocol updated, information on ventilation

14 September 2021

Campus protocol

In the Campus Protocol you will find all the measures that apply in our buildings and to our students and staff. We have just released a new version of the Protocol, which includes all the measures that have been removed or changed since 30 August. Read the Protocol carefully and make sure any guests or new colleagues are aware of it. To the Campus Protocol.


It is well known that ventilation is very important in combatting the virus, particularly in closed areas where a lot of people come together. Ensuring that our buildings are well ventilated is one of our continuing priorities. All teaching areas within the University are ventilated in line with RIVM requirements. It is important to open windows in work areas and meeting rooms. You can find a detailed explanation of the ventilation systems in the Campus Protocol or here.

Press conference on 14 September 

A press conference will be held on 14 September, and the outgoing government may announce that it is removing or changing its Covid measures. We will spend the days that follow this press conference looking into how any changes will affect our students and staff.

Watch 'Coronavirus updates' for the latest updates

Coronavirus updates
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