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Wanted: final projects for Master students Science Communication

16 September 2021


Dear colleagues,
Like the past few years, this semester our Science Communication master students will be developing real-life science communication products for scientists from our Faculty. This year we would like these projects to revolve around Leiden City of Science. We are looking for your science communication ideas for 2022 that they can work on. 
In a nutshell
Let us know about a science communication or outreach project that you would like to develop for next year. Our master students in science communication will work on the project for three weeks in December 2021 and will deliver a prototype of a science communication product. Supervision will be provided by the SCS department, you will serve as a client ("opdrachtgever”).
Some examples from previous years
Previously, students worked on an audiotour for the Muurformules in Leiden; a card game with dilemmas about food for the Hortus Botanicus; an escape room in the Old Observatory; a lesson plan about the placebo effect; a video that raises awareness about the importance of predators in nature; among other things. Some of these projects even got picked up by the media!

Possible products
As mentioned above, this time around we would like these projects to connect to the Leiden City of Science programme of next year. This could be done through a public activity that may be connected to the Knowledge Throughout the Districts calendar, an exhibition plan for the Art & Science programme, a popular science lecture for the Studium Leydense, or an educational activity for primary school children. Any way to bring your science to the public next year. If you have any questions about the programme, feel free to contact Marin Visscher for more information.
We would like to receive your ideas before Monday 25 October, 2021. The students are free to choose from the available suggestions and we will inform you around mid-November whether your project has been chosen. If your project has been chosen, we ask you (or a colleague, e.g. a Postdoc or PhD) to discuss the idea with the students, this will take place on 1 December, 2021 from 09.15-12.00.

From 1 December  - 23 December the students will work full time on the product in groups of around 3-4 students. You, as a client, are responsible for giving them the ideas and any information they need to develop their product. It would be great if you are available in December to provide information when needed. You are welcome to give feedback on early versions. You will not be responsible for supervising the students in the development process; SCS teachers will do that. Students will present their products on Friday December 23 from 13.15-17.00. Location will follow. We want to welcome you to attend these presentations.
If you would like to participate, please use this form to submit your ideas before 25 October. And we will get back to you with regards to the project selection. If you have any questions, contact us via infoscs@biology.leidenuniv.nl
Kind regards,
Ionica Smeets
Anne Land
Science Communication and Society

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