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Wassenaarseweg closed from 24 September to 7 October

24 September 2021

From 24 September to 7 October, the Wassenaarsweg will be very limited accessible. The closure is due to the storage of trailers that will be in Leiden for the 3 October festivities.

Parking of trailers
The trailers will be parked on the Wassenaarseweg between the Sylviusweg until the Niels Bohrweg. The laying of steel road plates between the bike path and the Wassenaarseweg will start on 24 September. It is expected that all road plates will be removed again around 8 October.

Parking garage Gorlaeus Building and logistics area accessible
Local traffic for the university is given access to the Wassenaarseweg and can only reach the parking garage and the logistics centre from the Niels Bohrweg side during the closure. Cyclists to the Wassenaarseweg are redirected via the Einsteinweg/Niels Bohrweg.

Signs and traffic controllers
This situation runs from 24 September to 7 October. The municipality places signs and sets traffic controllers who will be present day and night to to guide the changed traffic situation and to manage the traffic safely.

Questions? Please contact the Servicedesk.

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