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Cybersecurity Month: are you ‘cybersafe?’

7 October 2021

Did you know that October is European Cybersecurity Month? It’s important that information isn’t left lying around. This could mean information like your username and password or your research results and email addresses. This can be both work and private data. A safe digital environment is our collective responsibility. This month we’ll be sharing weekly tips, facts and fables to help you work ‘cybersafely’. 

What percentage of all security incidents in an organisation are caused by employee mistakes?

A staggering 70%! That’s why it’s important to be aware of online threats. Multi-Factor Authentication and regularly changing your password may feel like an irritating additional step in your everyday work, but these are crucial to increasing and ensuring the security of the University and your data. Interested in more information on how you can help keep our organisation safe? Follow a short eLearning module on the importance of being aware (10 minutes) at or see the Privacy and data protection page.

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