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Empirical Legal Studies bulletin: ask something ELS!

25 October 2021

The Empirical Legal Studies project at our faculty has many updates to share. On upcoming events, recent publications, initiatives in teaching, and more! Would you like to receive all updates on Empirical Legal Studies in one place? Then the ELS bulletin may be just for you.

Last week, the first edition of the brand new ELS bulletin was sent out. If you’ve missed it, you can have a sneak peek here.

Next to updates, the bulletin features an opportunity to submit your questions: ask something ELS! Examples of questions that we can address in our activities and communication are:

  • What is the role of theory in empirical legal research?
  • What kind of questions are appropriate for empirical research?
  • What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research methods? How do I select the most appropriate method for my research?
  • How many respondents do I need for a survey? How many interviews do I need to conduct?
  • How to make sure my results are understandable for laywers?
  • To which journal can I submit empirical and/or interdisciplinary research papers?
  • What is a good book that introduces the basics of ELS?

You can submit your questions here and subscribe to the ELS Bulletin here!

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