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Implicit bias training: Discovering your unconscious biases

21 October 2021

During life, everyone develops unconscious biases, automatically based on your intuition, communication coming from the media or stereotypes. It’s an automatic and most of the time logical process. However, it’s important to realize that our unconscious biases affect how we view individuals and groups, how we perceive the world and how we make decisions, also during work.

Being aware of your implicit bias helps to broaden your view by making you open to different opinions and perspectives. A skill of great value for successful work processes and effective cooperation within our faculty.

Curious which unconscious prejudices you carry with you and how you can reduce them? Then sign up for the Implicit Bias training provided by certified training institute Human Centric.

The training is offered to all employees of the faculty and is suitable for everyone, regardless of position or department.

Approximately 15 people can participate per training course and every training consists of 2 parts/moments. Part 1 lasts 2 hours and can be followed online, part 2 takes place physically at the KOG and takes about 3 hours. The training provides you insights into how implicit bias affects the daily work at the faculty and gives you tools to reduce your unconscious bias, with extra attention for the assessment process.

Sign up

You can register from today on. Sign up for one of the groups via the links below.

Group A | English

Part 1 = Friday, December 3, 10.00-12.00, online.

Part 2 = Monday, January 31, 09.00-12.00, KOG

You can no longer register for Group A

Group B | Dutch

Part 1 = Tuesday, December 7, 10.00-12.00, online

Part 2 = Thursday February 17, 09.00-12.00, KOG

You can no longer register for Group B

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