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Results Personnel Monitor Light 2021

12 October 2021

Leiden University wants to create a safe environment for all of its staff, an environment in which staff development and enjoyment are at the forefront and the staff workload is manageable. To find out to what extent we have succeeded in this, we asked all of our staff to complete the Personnel Monitor Light 2021 in May 2021. The results show that despite efforts in recent years to improve the work environment and staff workload, no improvement has been made.  The university is therefore committed to:

  • Improve safe-work-environment framework
  • Invest in leadership development and reflection
  • Open conversation
  • Reduce workload

Read the interview 'Taboo on raising social safety issues must go because we really need to do better' with Martijn Ridderbos of the Executive Board and Heleen Pluut, associate professor at the Department of Business Studies at Leiden Law School.

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