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Take part in the lecturer panel discussions

29 October 2021

This autumn, for the second time, the Strategy and Academic Affairs Directorate and the Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON) are organising several university-wide lecturer panel discussions about education quality and lecturer development.

Purpose of the discussions

During the panel discussions, we will discuss good education with a group of lecturers from various faculties. We hope this will give us a better idea of how lecturers are experiencing the developments and improvements in education.
This year, we will focus on these themes:

  • Online teaching and assessment: What do we want to keep from the coronavirus era?
  • Lecturer development: How do teachers experience support and assistance in their teaching?

The topics are in line with the themes in the Quality Agreements. The panel discussions will complement the quantitative standard evaluations, and they will provide space for lecturers to discuss their underlying thoughts and motivations. We will use the results of the discussions to evaluate and improve educational policy. The Executive Board will receive a general report about the discussions.

When and where are the discussions?

•    Tuesday 23 November from 13:00 to 15:00 - Willem Einthoven, Kolffpad 1, Leiden
•    Friday 26 November from 13:00 to 15:00 (English) - Wijnhaven, Den Haag
•    Monday 29 November from 13:00 to 15:00 - Willem Einthoven, Kolffpad 1, Leiden

Join the discussion

Do you value the quality of education and the need to ensure that lecturers get proper support? Then register to take part in the panel discussions. In your email, please indicate when you want to participate. 

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