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Coronavirus update 13 November: max. group size 75, work from home where possible

15 November 2021

The caretaker government announced new measures on 12 November because of the rapid increase in coronavirus cases. The following new measures apply to students and staff of Leiden University from Monday 15 November:

Maximum group size for teaching

Once again, a maximum of 75 people are allowed per room. All tutorials and classes with 75 people maximum can continue as usual. For lectures, we will consider Monday a transition day to give everyone the opportunity to make arrangements. If you have a lecture on Monday with more than 75 people, check on Brightspace whether this will be online or streamed. If that is the case, follow the lecture from home. If that is not the case, you can attend the lecture in person.

By Monday at the latest, students will receive information through Brightspace on how their classes will be taught from Tuesday 16 November. The aim is to use a model that makes the most possible use of the capacity of 75 people per room, and to provide the lecture online for the remaining students. The Executive Board is keen to emphasise how important in-person teaching is for our students’ well-being. Students will once again have to reserve a study space due to the limited capacity (here too max. 75 people per room). For more information see the Library website.

Tests and exams

The maximum group size of 75 people does not apply to tests and exams.

Inaugural speeches, PhD and degree ceremonies

Inaugural speeches and PhD ceremonies will still take place in person, but with a maximum of 75 people in the room. See faculty communication for more information.

Distancing and face masks

Since 6 November 2021, it has once again been compulsory to wear a face mask if you are moving around in the University buildings. You may remove the face mask once you are sitting at your work or study space. Distancing is not compulsory in University buildings, but try to distance from others anyway and avoid busy places. Be considerate of others.

Work from home

You are strongly urged to work from home where possible. Working from home and online meetings are once again the norm. Exceptions do apply for teaching, laboratory and other location-specific work. If you have to work at the office due to private circumstances, discuss this with your manager.

Student Well-Being week

The Student Well-being Week from 15 to 19 November will go ahead. Most of the activities are in small groups, and in these difficult times it is all the more important to meet up in person and think about mental health. So come along and join in!

Follow the basic rules

We strongly urge everyone to follow the basic rules from the Corona Check and the c= Campus Protocol:

  • Work from home where possible.
  • Get tested quickly if you have symptoms.
  • Do the Corona Check before you come to the University.
  • Socially distance by 1.5m if and when you can.
  • symptoms. You can order them free.
  • Our advice is: get vaccinated.

We will update the information in the coronavirus dossier (FAQs etc.) and the Campus Protocol on Monday 15 November to reflect these new measures that apply as of 13 November.

Message from the Executive Board

On behalf of the Executive Board Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl has a few words of encouragement: ‘We realise that the stricter rules will be hard for many of us. Working from home will once again be the norm and the measures will ask a lot of our students and staff. Fortunately, much of our teaching will continue in person because we know how important this is for our students. If we all stick to the rules, we’ll be able to beat coronavirus together and once again meet up on campus.’

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