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How to receive a home-working allowance

15 November 2021

The Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) finalised on 1 August includes agreements on hybrid working after the coronavirus pandemic. One element of this CAO is an allowance for working from home, which came into effect on 1 September 2021. This consists of three components: 

  • €2 for every day spent working from home
  • €25 a month as an internet allowance
  • Travel allowance in accordance with the university regulations  

Home-working allowance based on the travel timetable

To be eligible for the home-working allowance, from now you can enter the days on which you travel to your work location (Leiden University) in the timetable in the Service Portal. You can also enter all your travel days going back to 1 September 2021. This will automatically calculate your home-working allowance. Once completed, the data in the timetable will continue to apply. If, on average, there are no changes to your travel days, you will only need to enter them in the timetable once. The payment of the allowance will be backdated to 1 September 2021. 

To keep red tape to a minimum, you will only need to fill in your travel timetable once. We trust that you will fill in the number of travel days to your work location honestly and to the best of your knowledge, and that the bottom line will be more or less correct. You may enter your travel days as an average (for example, 2 to 3), even if the actual number differs slightly per week. 


We understand that due to changing corona regulations, your travel schedule may change. We ask that you estimate the number of travel days as best you can from the start of the academic year through the end of the calendar year so that you only have to do this administrative action once.

Bear in mind the following important information:

  • You must agree with your supervisor  in advance which days you will work from home or at the university location, in accordance with the university’s working-from-home policy.
  • Once you have entered your travel days in the Service Portal timetable, they will be approved by your supervisor. 
  • If you enter your travel days in the timetable before the 15th of the month, you will receive your home-working allowance in the same month. If the number of days you will work at the university location has not yet been confirmed, you can enter an average number of days.
  • For the home-working allowance, monthly calculations are made using an average deduction for public holidays and leave days. The amount can therefore vary slightly per month from exactly €2 per home working day. So you don't have to change your travel schedule during your leave.  A table with example amounts per month is available on the webpage 'Home-working allowance'.
  • You shouldn’t be changing the number of travel days in the timetable on a weekly or monthly basis. As a rule, you will only need to fill in the timetable once. You should only change your entry in the timetable  if the number of days you travel to your work location changes on a structural basis. You can make these changes yourself in the Service Portal. Once they have been approved by your supervisor, they will be processed in the system. 
  • To avoid having to make corrections, please enter your travel days as quickly as possible. If your travel/working-from-home days change on a structural basis in the future, please also update this information in the Service Portal as quickly as possible.
  • The way the home-working allowance is currently set up is subject to any tax changes.

Questions about and conditions of the home-working allowance

To fill in the timetable follow the instructions which you can find on your personal Helpdesk Portal.

Depending on your personal Helpdesk Portal settings, these instructions are in English or Dutch.

  • You are not entitled to both a travel allowance and a home-working allowance for the same day. If you work both from home and on location on the same day, you will receive only one of the two allowances. 
  • If you have not worked for a month due to full-time illness or incapacity for work or full-time extraordinary leave, the home-working allowance is automatically stopped at the end of that month. The internet allowance will also be halted. When you are no longer off sick/incapacitated on a full-time basis, the allowances will start again. 
  • Under the Collective Labour Agreement, on-call staff, student assistants, freelancers, PhD scholarship students without an employment contract and students are exempt from the home-working allowance of €2 per day and the internet allowance. 

Most Leiden University employees work in Leiden and/or The Hague and they live and work in the Netherlands. If other agreements been made with you previously and you live outside the Netherlands, the university’s working-from-home policy and the requirement to register the number of travel days to your work location in the Service Portal also apply to you. This means that you will need to consult your supervisor about the number of days you work from home and the number of days you work on location. 

Note: Please continue to bear in mind any changes in your work and/or private situation that are relevant to applicable legislation in the context of working from abroad. 

You must continue to claim your travel expenses as you did before. For more information about this, see commuting allowance. 

If you work from home, you will continue to be eligible for the internet allowance. However, this is not the case if you work entirely on location. This is no different from the recent situation. The amount of the allowance  also remains the same in the Collective Labour Agreement. One thing that has changed, however, is that the parties to the Collective Labour Agreement have excluded on-call staff, student assistants, freelancers, PhD scholarship students without an employment contract and students from the internet allowance. 

More information

If you have any questions about this, you will find more information on the ‘home-working allowance’ page. Alternatively, you can submit your questions to the PSSC Service desk.

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