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Keep your Team’s membership list in Microsoft Teams up to date

18 November 2021

Are you the owner of one or more Microsoft Teams? Then please check the membership of your Team and remove any members who are no longer need to have access to the Team. This is important for the security and confidentiality of our work. Around December 6th, all owners of Teams (those that have guests or external members) will receive an email with the urgent request to review the access of Team members. Make sure that you know who has access to the information in Teams.

Have you ever added guests or people with an external account to your Team in Microsoft Teams? Did you know that these guests remain a member of your Team until you remove their account? In Teams, files and confidential information are often shared, which is why it is important to regularly check and manage who has access to this information. 

As Team owner you can decide whether a guest’s membership of your Team is still necessary. Working together with guests is often only for a limited period of time; therefore it is better to remove anyone who is no longer an active Team member. 

Request to all Team owners

The email you will soon receive will be sent to you from Microsoft Azure and will have the subject Action required: review the access of users to the group [Team name] before [date]. This is a legitimate message: it is not spam or other kind of suspicious message. Please heed this request. The request will be repeated periodically to help remind Teams owners to do this.  

In the email you will be able to select the option Start the review. A web page will open in the browser where you can change the access of the guest accounts of the Team in question.  

TIP: As a safety measure, we advise you to limit the membership of your Team to what is necessary. As Teams owner you can manage this by going to the settings and reviewing whether the Team's membership is still relevant. You can also go to the Knowledge Item (KI) 3495 in the helpdesk portal for information.

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