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Leadership development – what do we need?

2 November 2021

As a university, we think it is important to invest in the personal leadership skills of our staff, regardless whether you’re a PhD candidate or management assistant. We are therefore holding a number of design workshop in leaderships skills in November 2021.

In small groups of colleagues with similar jobs, you will discuss your questions, examples and experiences of leadership. What are good – and bad – examples of this? What does leadership mean to you? And what do you need personally? We’ll also share how we as a university are going to tackle this topic in the coming months and what we want to offer you and your colleagues in 2022.

We will use the input from the workshops to:

  • Make sure our leadership development programme meets your needs and you receive good tips, tools and training to help you develop.
  • Concretise the leadership information and training and bring it to life with the examples we collect – and ensure we’re all speaking the same ‘language’.
  • Introduce the topic properly to all staff in 2022.

Practical information and registration

  • There are different workshops for different groups of staff. See which group applies to you and when a workshop for you will be held.
  • The workshops will be held on 16, 18, 22 and 30 November.
  • Location: PLNT, Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Langegracht 70 Leiden

If you’d like to contribute, fill in the form and we’ll contact you within two days. If you have any questions or would like more information before registering, please contact Judith Weerts (j.weerts@BB.leidenuniv.nl). Sign up soon: places are limited!

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