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Tip: see who is available via MS Teams

8 November 2021

Do you wish to contact a colleague? You can easily see in MS Teams if someone is present online or if they are in a meeting, temporarily away, or not logged in. Your colleague can also see what your status is: if you are available or currently in a meeting.

Your status is part of your MS Teams user profile. Everyone in your organisation who uses MS Teams and Outlook can see if other users are available online. This information is automatically obtained from your Outlook calendar or is based on certain activities in Teams. But you can also adjust your status manually, if showing a different status is preferred. Below, you will see the most relevant MS Teams statuses and what they mean:

status Microsoft Teams

Do you wish to manually change your status? You can do so in MS Teams as follows:

  1. Click on your profile picture or initials at the top right
  2. Select your current status – on the right next to your profile picture – to change your status.
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