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Install software updates and be aware of phishing mails

21 December 2021

The University devotes much attention to the security of its systems. Nevertheless there may be a weak link in the system. With the Christmas holidays approaching, we would like to ask you to update your software and to stay alert for phishing emails.

Update software

If outdated versions of programmes are running on your computer, then hackers or other malicious intruders can use these for a cyber attack. Therefore, be sure to update your programmes at least once a month. Do you have a laptop issued by the university? Normally the updates will be installed when you are connected to the university network. If you are working from home, you need to update the software manually. You will find instruction for Windows or MacOS on the helpdesk portal. 

Phishing emails

We all occasionally receive an email from an unknown sender, with content we weren’t expecting or that raises our suspicions in some other way. Read more about phishing.

1. Always check an email for the following:

  • Is the email expected? Be alert with emails that you do not expect. In principle: do not respond.
  • Is the salutaion personal? Be wary of emails that do not address you personally. You will always be mentioned by name in an email from the ISSC helpdesk, if you are the only recipient.
  • Do not click on links. Only do so if you are absolutely certain that the message and the link are trustworthy.

2. Report phishing:

  • If you come across this email, immediately report it to the ISSC helpdesk.
  • If you receive an email you don’t trust, report it to the ISSC helpdesk.
  • If you did click on a link or open an attachment, immediately report this to the ISSC helpdesk.

3. Delete it: Remove the email from your inbox.

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