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LeidenGlobal call for submissions photo exhibition ‘Crafting Cultures’

6 December 2021

LeidenGlobal calls for scholars affiliated with one of the LeidenGlobal partners to submit a photo related to the theme of craftsmanship, specifically where tradition and innovation meet through craft. The chosen submissions will be added to an exhibition that will be launched in Spring.

LeidenGlobal is a collaborative initiative by several academic and cultural institutions to strengthen cooperation between the involved parties. For an upcoming exhibition, the organisation is looking for researchers from different disciplines who have dealt with crafts in their research, whether that be on purpose or accidental. Crafts can play an important role in academia and innovation, by stimulating breakthroughs in material disciplines.


Before submitting a photo for the exhibition, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  1. The photo shows an object, an activity, or people, related to craft and craftsmanship.
  2. The photo is of high-resolution (300dpi) and good quality.
  3. The photo is free of copyrights.
  4. If the photo is not taken by you, name the photographer and make sure you have his/her permission.
  5. Include a short description (maximum 100 words) about the topic of the photo and the context in which it was taken.

Please send your photo and text, including your name, email address, phone number and name of your institute to LeidenGlobal (info@leidenglobal.nl) before 5 January 2022. When the picture of your project is chosen, you will be contacted for more information about the project.

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