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LUC The Hague: Corona Update - A New Lockdown

20 December 2021

The Dutch government announced a new lockdown starting 19 December. How this affects the university, including LUC, is communicated on the university website. At LUC we are currently in Reading week, with a long winter break ahead of us. The most important consequences for LUC are: 

•    On campus exams will continue as planned, unless communicated otherwise by the instructor via Brightspace. All corona measures are the same as before in our building (use of facemasks, max 75 people in the room, 1.5m distance advised but not mandatory). 
•    All other meetings and events will have to be cancelled, this includes both educational and social occasions, also those organized by students. 
•    Studyadvisers and SLC’s are allowed to meet in person with students who need extra care. 
•    The study area on floor 2 will remain open for quiet study during the normal opening hours. The building is closed between 24 December and 3 January. 
•    Staff who need a declaration from the university for childcare can request one via the PSSC. 
•    New updates will follow on 3 January.

Although it is frustrating that we have to go back to lockdown, it is fortunate that this affects only the last couple of days of our block. We would like to thank everyone for their flexibility and perseverance. Good luck with the last mile and have a nice and relaxing break. 

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