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Update 20 December 2021: lockdown and next week's education

20 December 2021

Saturday evening a full lockdown was announced. This also applies to education and will last until 9 January 2022. Here are the most important points for next week's education, Monday 20 December to 24 December 2021.


  • All in-person teaching has been cancelled, with the exception of practicals such as moot court.
  • We obviously cannot expect planned in-person teaching to be converted to online teaching at such short notice, but ask teachers themselves to fill in the education appropriately in this week and communicate it via Brightspace.
  • Lecturers who wish to come to the University for this online teaching have permission to do so. Please reserve a teaching room with recording/live stream facility.
  • The courses affected must inform their students via Brightspace on how the course will be taught, and where. Brightspace is the primary communication channel for information to students.
  • We understand that this is very last minute for some of you. If you have urgent questions, please contact your Programme Director and/or the LTC.
  • Examinations will go ahead online as planned.
  • Critical processes (educational support, study advice, technology, security, etc.) can take place on location.
  • Lecturers and support staff necessary for teaching activities are considered key workers. Request a statement from the PSSC Service Point if you need it for child care for example.
  • Physical graduation ceremonies in December are cancelled. The student will receive information from the Onderwijs Informatie Centrum (OIC).
  • Always do the Corona check before coming to our locations.
  • If you have any concerns, contact your manager.

We are aware that this will have a major impact on your work and home situation. If you have any questions about these measures, check the website for all up-to-date information.

Additional communication will follow this week.

All the best during this lockdown. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

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