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Call for papers: Conference “City nights: migration and cultural encounters”

7 January 2022

“Night Spaces: migration, culture and integration in Europe” (NITE) is a HERA-funded collaborative research project which investigates night spaces as important sites of crisis and regeneration, memory and heritage, community solidarity and growth; and night-time culture (expressed, amongst other forms, through music, film, digital platforms, performance) as opening up spaces of belonging and intercultural understanding. Five teams from Leiden University, University College London, Humboldt University, Aarhus University and the University of Limerick, led by Sara Brandellero (LUCAS), study eight European cities of different scales and histories of intra- and extra-European migration to grasp how communities with migrant background navigate night-time cityscapes according to and defying preconceptions of who is ‘out of place’.

The NITE team invites proposals for the final project conference that will take place in Leiden on May 19th & 20th 2022. “City nights: migration and cultural encounters” proposes to explore the diverse ways in which the city after dark is imagined, experienced, practised, and how these experiences are variously expressed in arts and cultural production. Please find the call for papers under this link. The program for the conference follows soon.

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