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New Media Guide for Researchers

27 January 2022

Leiden University appreciates it if you as a researcher take the time every now and then to explain your work to a wider audience. And journalists from newspapers, the TV and news sites are regularly on the lookout for experts who can shed light on current developments. To help you with this, we have a new Media Guide for Researchers.

The Media Guide for Researchers offers practical help and advice on contacting journalists or preparing for a media appearance. It will also help you decide whether or not to respond to a press request and tells you whom you can contact for advice or extra training. 

The Media Guide for Researchers is of particular use to young researchers with little or no media experience. It is available in Dutch and English.

The Media Guide for Researchers of Leiden University

To the Media Guide

To find out more about science communication, see here for background information and inspiration. If you have any questions about the Media Guide for researchers, please contact the Scientific Communication Adviser, Strategic Communication & Marketing.

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