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Update your software regularly if you work from home

25 January 2022

If you work from home, make sure to update your software regularly (at least once a month). This is safer and it saves time when you log in to the University network again. To update your software from home, you need a secure connection to the University network, so connect with eduVPN. To find out how, see below. 

Why work with eduVPN?

EduVPN (in full: eduVPN Institute Access) ensures that your internet traffic is secure and that your University workspace can receive important software updates. If you use eduVPN, you will receive automatic updates for University software. EduVPN has many other practical advantages. It enables you to work at home as if you were at the University and gives you direct access to the files on your P-drive and J-drive. It also gives you access to services such as SAP Self Service and Bloomreach and is more secure because you log in with your ULCN account and additional authentication (MFA). 


  • EduVPN is already installed on most laptops that are managed by the ISSC. Use the search to find the app (bottom left of your screen). 
  • For instructions on installing eduVPN see knowledge item 1330 on the helpdesk portal. 
  • For instructions on how to update your laptop, see knowledge item 1994 on the helpdesk portal. 
  • If you have a managed Windows laptop and eduVPN isn’t installed, you can install it with the VPN ‘service station’ (see knowledge item 2751 on the helpdesk portal) or by using it at the University (in the network). 
  • If you have a Mac, an unmanaged computer or another device, you can install eduVPN via the app store. 
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