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Help answer public questions sent to Postbus71

22 February 2022

Leiden is European City of Science in 2022! To celebrate this, Leiden University’s Citizen Science Lab has launched the Postbus71 project. The project aims to spark the curiosity of everyone in the Leiden region by providing a channel for questions and answers. This will allow us to bring the public closer to the world of science and to give researchers a new platform for their research and expertise. Want to help answer the questions sent to Postbus71? 

How does Postbus71 work? 

The mailbox is now open and the first questions have already arrived. The team behind Postbus71 will be approaching researchers this year when a question is submitted about their field of expertise. The answer to a question will be sent via Postbus71 to the person who asked the question and shared on the Leiden2022 website and Twitter at @Postbus71. The most interesting questions and their answers will receive extra attention, for instance during Radio Weetlust broadcasts or at one of the many events during Leiden2022.  

We hope to hear from many researchers who are willing to help answer the questions of the people of Leiden!

Experts wanted!

Fancy helping the Postbus71 team every now and then? As an expert who can answer questions or help the team find the right researcher or information? Sign up by sending an email to f.dehartog@leiden2022.nl stating which topics or areas we can contact you about. The Postbus71 team will add you to the list as a contact for questions on your subject.

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