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New Strategic Plan presented during Dies Natalis

9 February 2022

During the Dies Natalis, the new Strategic Plan ‘Innovating and Connecting 2022-2027’ was presented. The plan came to fruition thanks to the involvement of a substantial number of colleagues and students, including those from our Faculty. They collaborated in all openness, with a lot of enthusiasm and shared many valuable insights during online consultations and theme meetings. As a result of this joint effort, an inspiring, new perspective has been created for the upcoming years.

The Strategic Plan will act as a guideline for the choices we will be making during the upcoming years, based on six ambitions and our core values. How do we envision our future education? How do we, as a university community, want to interact with each other? How can we strengthen the impact of our research? What will we be doing more or less off? These are examples of the questions we will address in the plan. The Strategic Plan marks the spot on the horizon that we, as university, will use to plan our future course.

Erwin Muller: 

'One of the main principles of this new strategic plan is to work together and connect. This fits perfectly with FGGA's objectives. The relationship we have with the city of The Hague, and thus the connection between theory and practice, is high on our agenda for the coming period. We aim for an intensive relationship with society, both in the field of education and research.
If you work together, you come to new insights and great results. This is reflected in the interfaculty cooperation that we conduct in the areas of education and research. But it is also reflected in this new strategic plan that has been developed together with staff and students. 

I recommend you all to read the new strategic plan. Talk about it with each other and with your students and discuss how it can further connect you.'

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