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Innovating and connecting: check out the new University Strategic Plan

10 February 2022

During the Dies Natalis, the new Strategic Plan 'Innovating and Connecting 2022-2027' was presented. The plan came about thanks to the involvement of many colleagues and students, including those from the Faculty of Archaeology. They have contributed openly and enthusiastically and shared valuable insights during online consultations and meetings. Thanks to this joint effort, we now have a beautiful, new perspective for the coming years.  

Based on our six ambitions and core values, the Strategic Plan gives direction to the choices we will make together in the coming years. What do we want our education to look like in the future? How do we want to interact as a university community? How do we strengthen the impact of our research? What will we perhaps do less of, or no longer do? These are examples of questions we answer in the plan. The Strategic Plan sets out the dot on the horizon towards which we, as a university, want to move. 

Read more about the Strategic Plan.

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