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Requesting furniture for working at home is now possible

8 March 2022

The SAP number has been updated. (8 March 2022)

After two years of working from home as much as possible, we are moving towards a hybrid form of working in which working from home is a part of it. The furniture you need to work from home can now (subject to conditions) be requested via the Service Portal.

Second-hand furniture

It is not possible to choose a model or colour. Within the framework of our sustainability vision, we choose second-hand furniture.


  • You have an employment contract for at least 19 hours (0.5 fte paid),

  • you have a position where the work permits you to work from home,

  • you work at least 40% of your working hours at the office.

  • You have discussed and agreed this with your supervisor (who also assesses this application). 

If you work less than 19 hours, you cannot make use of the home-working facilities. Discuss the possibilities with your supervisor, also if you work less than 19 hours and need tailor-made facilities.

Types of furniture

  • Complies with NEN-1335 and NPR1813 standards
  • Upholstery colour black
  • Equipped with gas spring seating-height adjustment
  • Height, width and depth adjustable armrests
  • Fitted with castors for a hard floor
  • Dimensions 140x80 cm
  • Height adjustable by means of a crank (NO SIT/STAND TABLE)
  • Undercarriage colour white
  • Top colour white


  1. Discuss which items you want to apply for with your supervisor.
  2. Log on to the Service Portal and click on the Home-working facilities button. 
  3. Please note that the SAP number is 2409402017.
  4. Your supervisor will assess your request.
  5. The order follows approval.
  6. It takes about 4 to 5 weeks before you receive your order.
  7. The desk is assembled at the desired location by the supplier.

On loan

The furniture is on loan. If you leave your job within 12 months or no longer meet the conditions, the loan agreement ends and the starting point is that you buy the item for the residual value. This amount is low because it is a second-hand product. See the overview of the amounts.

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