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Get to know ICCT, the International Centre for Counter Terrorism

8 March 2022

The Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) is a founding partner of ICCT, a think- and do-tank devoted to promoting effective counter-terrorism, grounded in human rights and the rule of law. ICCT is short for the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in the Hague.

Joana Cook is seconded to ICCT 50 percent of the time to tie the connections between ISGA and ICCT. ‘For students it is of interest to follow ICCT for relevant events and publications which align with their research interests. For PhDs, post-docs and researchers, ICCT welcomes submissions for publications. As a partner of ISGA, ICCT can also consider events to promote relevant book talks with ISGA staff when they produce work, or invite them to sit on relevant panels, our editorial board, or advisory board. The PREPARE project is also an example of research collaboration between the two institutes.’

ICCT offers regular internships for students, on average they have 3-5 students interns and regular outputs and events directly relevant to your studies. Cook: ‘While the publications we produce are generally above the level of a BA or MA student, they would be welcome to co-author with a member of staff or other senior figure.’

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