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Use eduVPN for secure access from home to various university applications

28 March 2022

Do you work with specific software programmes within the university network? Or do you need to make changes in your personnel dossier via SAP? EduVPN now gives you secure access to these services when working from home. 

Use eduVPN for a secure connection with the university network when working from home. Your internet traffic is secure via eduVPN because you log in with your ULCN account and additional authentication (MFA). 

As staff member, you have direct access with eduVPN to:

  • Files in your P folder or the J folder on the university network
  • SAP Self Service (in combination with the browser Edge)
  • Cisco Call Manager, for making changes to your fixed line telephone settings

In addition, a number of applications are available via eduVPN for specific user groups, including: 

  • Bloomreach (for web editors)
  • TOPdesk (for operators)
  • MatLab (for research and teaching)

Do you wish to know more, or need access to one of these applications? Go to “Install or request software” in the helpdesk portal and fill in the form “Request software”
For manuals on how to use eduPN, go to knowledge item KI 1330 in the helpdesk portal.

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