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Do you need a (new) profile picture? Join the photo shoot for staff members in Schouwburgstraat

19 April 2022

Please note: the photo shoot is exclusively for staff members of the Faculty of Humanities.

Do you not yet have a photo (or an outdated one) on your staff profile on the university website? A professional photographer (Arash Nikkah) will be present in the Schouwburgstraat building to take new profile pictures for staff members of the Faculty of Humanities.

Where and when?

The photos will be taken in the Schouwburgstraat building (The Hague): on the third floor in the study lounge next to the kitchenette.

The photographer will be present on Thursday 21 April from 12:00 to 14:00. It is a walk-in, so it is not necessary to register or make an appointment.

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