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Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products . In search of optimal enforcement - 20/21 June 2022

19 April 2022

Prof. Dr. John Vervaele (University of Utrecht/ RENFORCE) & Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Tosza (University of Luxembourg) will hold an international conference in Utrecht (Muntgebouw), where researchers from various European countries present the results of a criminological and comparative law study into the illegal production and trade of tobacco products and its enforcement (Springer 2022).

The sessions will focus on the regulatory and enforcement requirements in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and in EU law, and on the empirical phenomenon of illicit manufacturing and trafficking in the EU. As far as enforcement is concerned, the material criminal law, criminal investigation and prosecution as well as international cooperation within and outside the EU are discussed. Attention will also be paid to regulation and enforcement in Canada and the US and to the problems in the EU neighbouring countries, in particular in Ukraine, Belarus and the Balkans.

At the conference, the research results will be commented on by speakers from the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, the EU DG Health, OLAF and the European Public Prosecutor's Office.

Full version of the program.

Participation is free of charge, including lunches. Registration is mandatory and is possible via an online form.

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