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Taskforce on conditions for scholarship and external PhD candidates

25 April 2022

Scholarship and external PhD students are an important part of our team of researchers. However, the circumstances under which their PhD trajectory takes place differs from those of salaried PhD students. This can lead to ambiguities and sometimes also to problems. Do you supervise scholarship and external PhD students and do you want to exchange experiences and ideas? Read more about what you can do and how to sign up for the task force.

Why the taskforce for scholarship and external PhD students? 

Last year, a task force led by Professor Erwin Muller, Dean of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, was set up to examine the position of scholarship and external PhD students. The terms may differ from faculty to faculty and even from institute to institute within the same graduate school. The task force wants to create more clarity about the differences in rights and obligations. Where possible, the task force will address bottlenecks and propose solutions.

To this end, Erwin Muller would like to discuss this with (co-)promoters of scholarship and external PhD students from various institutes. These dialogues will take place on May 19 from 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (online) and May 23 from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (online). The dialogues will be in English.

Registration procedure

Do you have valuable information to share? Then register for these conversations with Janneke Vader: j.vader@BB.leidenuniv.nl, stating your availability for one of the two sessions. If you would like to share experiences, but are not able to on these dates, please contact Janneke for an individual conversation. The task force will be more than grateful to hear your experiences and build on your suggestions.

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