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Join the Anthropology Day 2022: Crisis or Truth

2 May 2022

The Dutch Anthropological Association (ABv) will have its annual Anthropology Day (Dag van de Antropologie) on Friday 20 May 2022. The theme for this year is "Crisis of Truth." The Anthropology Day will be held in person at Leiden's Museum Volkenkunde.

The covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis have brought to light a new crisis: a truth crisis, in which old certainty is being called into doubt in unprecedented ways. Data, scientific facts, democracy, the secular, nature, and humanity itself are currently in a battle with increasingly aggressive alternative realities. Scholars are now more pressured than ever to respond to accusations that call into question their work's core basis.


The Anthropology Day will take place face-to-face in Museum Volkenkunde in  Leiden and will feature a keynote by Bram B├╝scher, "The Frictions and Tensions of Reorienting Ethnography in the Post-Truth Era." More information about the programme will be published soon on on the ABV website.

For who?

This event is for everybody interested in anthropology. Bachelor students, master students, teachers, researchers, phd's: everybody is welcome. 

You can buy your tickets in advance, there is a discount for students and ABV members. 

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