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Important takeaways after the evacuation drill of the Huizinga building

17 May 2022

On 17 May 2022, at 10.52 am, an emergency evacuation of the Johan Huizinga building took place. This was an emergency evacuation drill.

The alert was that a fire had broken out near the coffee machine on the ground floor. The staff and students had left the building in ten minutes. The evacuators and the in-house emergency response team (BHV) then needed another five minutes to check and clear all the rooms.

Although the drill was successful, many people went out through the main exit. The advice is to make more use of the emergency exits in case of calamities. If the emergency exit is not open yet, pressing the green box next to the door will open the door(s).

We thank everyone for their cooperation

More information about evacuations can be found on this website.

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