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Work-from-home policy: working it out together

6 May 2022

Leiden University is a modern employer who partially facilitates working from home (WFH), in both a material and an immaterial sence. WFH is neither a right, nor an obligation. Good communication between the supervisor and the team, and between supervisors and the members of staff, is imperative. The emphasis is on the interests of the team: the coming together of the academic community is a key factor.

If your employment contract states that you work 0.5 FTE or more and your position allows you to work from home, you can WFH at least one day a week. Conversely, you will need to spend at least 40% of your working hours at the office.

In this new phase, which is still unfamiliar for everyone, the key is figuring out what works best. Create time and space to do this, because there is no cut-and-dried method; you can make it work together. Your supervisor is familiar with all the rules and possibilities and will be able to make the right arrangements with you and the team for hybrid working and working from home. These arrangements may include working together in the team, what tasks will be done at the office and what tasks could be done at home, as well as other matters that you believe are important when working together.

Outline of services and facilities

  • Requesting office furniture: via Service Portal. Such items as a table and an office chair.
  • ICT equipment, such as a laptop: via Information Management and Facilities, after approval from your supervisor.

Conditions WFH facilities

  • An employment contract of at least 19 hours (0.5 FTE salaried employment).
  • A function that allows you to work from home, which you can do structurally at least one day a week.

If you have an employment contract of fewer than 19 hours, you may be able to work from home with the approval of your supervisor. However, you will not be able to apply for WFH facilities.

Working abroad?

The main rule is: you work in the Netherlands, based in The Hague and/or Leiden. The guiding principle is that the WFH location is also the Netherlands.

In the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)

Information on travel expenses and a home-working allowance (2 euros a day for WFH and 25 euros a month for internet allowance) can be found in appendix A section 5 of the CLA, and on the staff website: Home-working allowance – Leiden University. According to the CLA, student assistants, temporary staff members, and staff members without a contract are excluded from this allowance.

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