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15 June: Jean Monnet Seminar: CompaRe meets EUTAXGOV

14 June 2022

On Wednesday 15 June, the Faculty will host a seminar about two ongoing Jean Monnet projects: the Chair on EU Tax Governance, led by Irma Mosquera Valderrama, and the Centre of Excellence on Comparative Regional Integration, by Armin Cuyvers. The seminar is open to all teachers and researchers at the university.

This seminar will present both projects, address the research and teaching activities, and discuss how these activities can establish and strengthen cooperation with other faculties at Leiden University. It aims to motivate colleagues within Leiden Law School to successfully acquire similar projects or to take part in the two running Jean Monnet Actions. It will provide knowledge, e.g. on how (and which) research and teaching activities can be developed and interlinked within one project, and how multidisciplinary collaborations can be established. It will also share best practices on how to prepare a successful grant application for Jean Monnet. The seminar will include a brief introduction on the specific funding scheme. 

This seminar is open to all staff from Leiden University participating in teaching and research activities.

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