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University Council to discuss Online Proctoring Protocol and Staffing Numbers

21 June 2022

The University Council will meet on Monday 27 June at 15:00. The agenda includes the Online Proctoring Protocol and Staffing Numbers 2022. Campus The Hague will also be discussed, both the implementation agenda 2022-2023 and a plan to review the governance there. The other agenda items are:

  • Changes to regulations on financial support for students
  • Regulations on admission to master’s programmes
  • Annual reports by confidential counsellors 2021
  • Annual report by ombuds officer for students 2021
  • Evaluation of NPO funds for student guidance
  • Sustainability report 2021
  • Guidelines for electives and minors
  • Proposal for spending extra funds on participation
  • Annual reports on quality insurance in teaching and research 2021

In this meeting, the UR will determine its preliminary position on each item. It will then discuss these with the Executive Board at the consultation meeting on 4 July.


If you would like to attend this meeting or the consultation meeting in person or online, please contact the registrar by sending an email to ur@leidenuniv.nl.

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